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Sex Education Worksheets

I’ll be putting together some fun sex education worksheets. One will be centered around sexual health, another will be centered around arousal, and the last one will be centered around STIs. It will be a while before I get them figured out and posted, but keep an eye out. They’ll be available through the Happy Healthy Sex Facebook Page. All you’ll have to do is download the photo. I’ll make sure that they’re legible. Keep checking:

Anal Sex and Safety

The first guideline for anal sex is cleanliness. The anus is full of germs, so merely wiping the area with some tissue isn’t going to get rid of all the germs, so you MUST wash the area thoroughly! Even an enema won’t get rid of all the germs. It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to use a condom during anal sex.

The anus wasn’t designed to be penetrated from the outside, so you need to use lubricant to help keep the anal tissue from ripping.

Lastly (and this is very important,) you must NEVER insert the penis into a vagina without first removing or switching the condom!


If their race is arrousing to you, that’s fetishizing. “Yellow Fever”, for example, is not an appreciation for Asian women… it’s racism.

I hate the hypothetical game with with a passion, but… You can of course think someone has a beautiful/nice complexion. The opposite of fetishization is not being colorblind (which is obviously another side of shittiness), but seeing someone as a race (not even a race, a sexualized stereotype of race) instead of a person, and that being a turn-on… that’s the problem I’m trying to address.

If you want to think about it more in-depth, think about the juxtaposition of sexualized racism and sexism in porn culture. Latin@s (spicy, fiery), Asian women (submissive, obedient), etc… These stereotypes are harmful, not complimentary.

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